I wrote this as the intro to my longer definition over quarantine with the intention of finishing it. But, as the semester came to an end, I found myself with little time to elaborate. I hope you all enjoy my brief definition of the H(h)umanities.

For the entirety of my college education, I have been enrolled in Humanities 103/104. Yet, when asked what the h/Humanities are, the answer is not readily apparent. As with most words in the English language, there is a standard definition. However, that definition makes no distinction between Humanities (capital H) and humanities (lowercase h), which so happens to be the focus of this essay. 

The structure of the course seems to allude to the distinction between h/Humanities. The capital H Humanities being the overarching structure connecting the various disciplines (humanities), such as Professor Green’s unit on theater or Professor Luis’s unit on history. While I agree with this basic structure – the Humanities encompassing the various humanities – there are many more layers of meaning to these two phrases than meets the eye. On a broader level, the humanities are the lessons, skills, subjects, and perspectives we learn through our lives. The Humanities is the conglomerate of the various humanities which combine to create a new way of thinking: that of an open-mind and diverse perspectives.

*See New Somethings sections for a more metaphorical and narrative definition of H(h)umanities.