Fast Facts

Hello y’all! My name is Ty Cryan,. I am a current first-year student at Davidson College, and I am originally from Burlington, North Carolina. This portfolio is a collection of work I created for the Humanities course here at Davidson, as well as some independent projects I conducted specifically for this portfolio. I hope you all enjoy!I am an avid gardener and plant parent.

Some fast facts about me:

  • I am an avid gardener and plant parent. I recently fulfilled a lifelong dream and acquired a bonsai tree, partly as a project for this portfolio. 
  • I am a Bonner Scholar, and I’m attempting to make service a larger part of my life. I have volunteered in the past with Christmas Cheer and look forward to many more volunteer opportunities in the future.
  • I am very interested in environmental science, with a focus on environmental justice. 
  • I have two dogs: Jupiter and Athena